The New Oxford Shakespeare Project

The New Oxford Shakespeare presents an entirely new consideration of all of Shakespeare’s works, edited from first principles from the base-texts themselves, and drawing on the latest textual and theatrical scholarship. Intellectually ambitious in both scope and detail, it will define Shakespeare for our age – the way we think about him, perform him, study him, and interpret him.

When today’s students approach a play, there are many questions they need to ask: What did Shakespeare write, when did he write it, and where did he collaborate with others? Have multiple versions of the play come down to us, and how do we compare them? How has the text been edited and changed over the centuries? What is the history of its critical interpretation and its performance? Which words have changed their meaning over the past 400 years? The New Oxford Shakespeare embraces and addresses precisely these questions. Its four interconnected publications provide the perfect platform for the future of Shakespeare studies.

“The New Oxford Shakespeare addresses ‘the great variety of readers’— students, scholars, actors, writers, artists—in multiple formats, at multiple levels. It combines the best of previous scholarship with twenty-first century tools to find better solutions to old problems.”
Gary Taylor, General Editor