Use the complete texts, notes, and scholarly resources that make up The New Oxford Shakespeare in one integrated online home, presented on the powerful Oxford Scholarly Editions Online platform.

  • Choose the old or modern spelling text, or read both, scrolling alongside each other
  • Customize your reading experience and see as many or as few of the different types of notes as you like, alongside the texts
  • Personalize the site with your own sets of plays to work within
  • Search for words across the whole set of editions, and use the intelligent search to narrow down to just the play texts, or to a specific play, or even to scenes written by a particular collaborator
  • Navigate straight to any line, using familiar Act, Scene, Line terminology
  • Citability is taken care of: every play and poem has its own digital identifier (DOI) embedded, and every line its own URL
  • Cross-referred passages in the notes are just a click away
  • Follow links through to definitions and quotations in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED subscription required)
  • Compare the edited text with linked images of the early Editions

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