Most editions of Shakespeare are just about preparing a textbook for students. But there is far more to The New Oxford Shakespeare than this.

Behind this edition lies an unrivalled body of cutting-edge research into issues of attribution and collaboration. Two print publications, the Critical Reference Edition and the Authorship Companion present this for advanced graduate students and faculty, bringing them the latest research on Shakespeare’s text, on the history of the book, on new techniques in authorship and collaboration studies.

The student edition and the two advanced editions are all combined in the online edition, so that whatever their level of interest and expertise, every member of your department can explore and use the entire set of materials.

The New Oxford Shakespeare: Critical Reference Edition

  • A two-volume Complete Works which provides all the primary texts, meticulously edited
  • Presented with original spelling, punctuation, capitalization, abbreviations, ambiguities, and inconsistencies
  • A general introduction by John Jowett: ‘Shakespeare and the Kingdom of Error’
  • The Complete Works: Copy-Texts from Shakespeare’s Lifetime
  • The Complete Works: Posthumous Copy-Texts
  • Introductory essays for each play examine the material and cultural contexts in which it was written
  • Textual apparatus which highlights press variants and the history of the book, along with press editorial corrections
  • The Critical Reference Edition and the Modern Critical Edition use identical line numbering for the Works, to facilitate cross-referencing and teaching
  • 3,975 pages, in two hardback volumes, $300, ISBN: 978-0-19-959187-9

The Critical Reference Edition places the early documents within a rich history of human activity of making and marring by authors, musicians, theatre annotators, scribes, publishers, and printers. This is a record of how Shakespeare took shape in his day, and takes shape now.’

– John Jowett, General Editor

The New Oxford Shakespeare: Authorship Companion

  • Presenting the ideas, evidence, and methods that underlie the whole New Oxford Shakespeare project
  • Cutting-edge research in attribution studies
  • A new perspective on the dating of Shakespeare’s plays, and on his dramatic collaborations
  • Explores the latest developments in the understanding of Shakespeare’s style and methods for detecting and describing it
  • A record of all early documents relevant to authorship and chronology
  • Individual case studies combined with broader analysis of theories and methods
  • A survey and synthesis of scholarship up to 2016
  • 600 pages, hardback, $190, ISBN: 978-0-19-959116-9

‘We now know that Shakespeare collaborated with his literary and dramatic contemporaries, and that others adapted his works before they reached printed publication. The Companion’s essays explore and explain these processes, laying out everything we currently know about the works’ authorship.’

– Gabriel Egan, General Editor