“A to Z of geology!”

Arif Sikder
Virginia Commonwealth University

“… figures were done well and the Living on Earth, and In Depth were the best features.”

Troy Sampere
McNeese State University

“… writing style is clear and concise…it definitely meets the goal of accessibility.”

Stephan Fitzpatrick
Georgia Perimeter College – Decatur

“A lot of attention to detail … very useful figures … good connections between internal and external processes.”

Amanda Brill Colosimo
Monroe Community College

“A stellar improvement of current textbooks in circulation. Clear description of the subject matter”

Dawn Roberts-Semple
CUNY York College

“Exceptional introductory physical geology course, well-written, in-depth, and affordable.”

Jamieson Webb
Gulf Coast State College

“I do like the process approach and relatively simple conversational manner in which ideas were presented.”

Mary E. Dowse
Western New Mexico University

“In depth, accurate, good layout, plenty of photos and maps (which I feel are essential).”

Gabrielle Tegeder
University Of Nebraska At Omaha

“It is a well-written, affordable text that should be taken into consideration.”

Stacey Verardo
George Mason University

“I really like the Living on Earth feature. I try to emphasize how geology relates to [student] life, and life on earth…”

Melissa M Driskell
University of North Alabama

“Text is very comprehensive and current. Examples will expose students to new parts of the world.”

Donald Thieme
Valdosta State University

“…nice figures and an interesting approach.”

Jessica Barone
Monroe Community College

“… well-focused and concise.”

Mark Feigenson
Rutgers University – New Brunswick