Oxford University Press offers students and instructors a comprehensive ancillary package for Physical Geology Today.

The Dashboard platform by Oxford University Press delivers high-quality content, tools, and assessments to track student progress in an intuitive, Web-based learning environment. Full access to Dashboard can be packaged with new copies of the text for a discounted price or purchased separately. Students will find:

  • Quizzes: Dashboard includes a quiz for each chapter of the textbook. These quizzes are designed to be used by the instructor as an assessment of student mastery of the important facts and concepts introduced in the chapter, after the student has read the chapter and attended the relevant lecture/class period/discussion section.
  • Animations: A set of detailed animations help students understand some of the book’s more complex topics and processes by presenting them in a clear, easy-to-follow narrative.
  • Animation Exercises: Unique questions that test students’ understanding of the concepts presented in the animations.
  • Curated Exercises: Interactive exercises based on curated Internet resources focus on expanding students’ spatial and data visualization skills. Each chapter is accompanied by an Internet-based exercise complete with activities and assignments that can be graded by a computer.


Physical Geology Today is available as an eBook via CourseSmart, Chegg, and Courseload.