Oxford University Press is proud to offer a complete and authoritative supplements package for both instructors and students. When you adopt Physical Geology Today, you will have access to a truly exemplary set of ancillary materials to enhance teaching and support students’ learning.

Ancillary Resource Center

Available online exclusively to adopters, the Ancillary Resource Center (ARC) includes all of the instructor resources that accompany Physical Geology Today.

  • Textbook Figures: All of the textbook’s figures are provided for you in JPEG format, so that you can easily include them in course materials, or lectures.
  • PowerPoint Resources: Two PowerPoint presentations are provided for each chapter of the textbook:
    • Figures: This presentation includes all of the figures from the chapter
    • Lecture: A complete lecture outline, ready for use in class. Includes coverage of all important facts and concepts presented in the chapter, along with selected figures and tables.
  • Animations & Animation Exercises: All of the animations from Dashboard are available in the ARC for download, making it easy to include them in your lecture presentations and online course materials. The animation exercises from Dashboard are also available on the ARC.
  • Test Bank: A complete test bank offers you a wide range of test items for each chapter, including multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer questions. All questions from the Dashboard quizzes are also included.
  • Computerized Test Bank: The Test Bank is also provided in Blackboard Diploma format (software included). Diploma makes it easy to create quizzes and exams using any combination of publisher-provided questions and your own questions, and to export those assessments for print or online delivery. (Includes export to a wide range of learning management system formats.)


Oxford’s Dashboard learning management system features a streamlined interface that connects instructors and students with the functions that they perform most often, simplifying the learning experience in order to save instructors time and put students’ progress first. Dashboard’s pre-built assessments were created specifically to accompany Physical Geology Today, and are automatically graded so that instructors can see student progress instantly. Section-level progress reporting in the gradebook gives instructors a quick indication of which areas of each chapter students are having the most difficulty with, making office hours more effective and guiding lecture and class time planning. Dashboard includes the following resources:

  • Quizzes: Dashboard includes a quiz for each chapter of the textbook. These quizzes are designed to be used by the instructor as an assessment of student mastery of the important facts and concepts introduced in the chapter, after the student has read the chapter and attended the relevant lecture/class period/discussion section.
  • Animations: A set of detailed animations help students understand some of the book’s more complex topics and processes by presenting them in a clear, easy-to-follow narrative.
  • Animation Exercises: Unique questions that test students’ understanding of the concepts presented in the animations.
  • Curated Exercises: Interactive exercises based on curated Internet resources focus on expanding students’ spatial and data visualization skills. Each chapter is accompanied by an Internet-based exercise complete with activities and assignments that can be graded by a computer.


Physical Geology Today is available as an eBook via CourseSmart, Chegg, and Courseload.

Ancillary Preview

Brief, un-copyedited examples of the types of materials that are included in the ancillary package to accompany Physical Geology Today are available for faculty preview. Please contact your Oxford University Press sales representative to gain access to the sample ancillary materials for the following chapter:

  • Chapter 9: Plates and Plate Boundaries

Contact your Oxford University Press Sales Representative for more information.