Damian Nance
Damian NanceOhio University

Damian Nance is Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences at Ohio University. Damian has twice received the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award, has been twice nominated for the University’s Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award, and has toured as a distinguished lecturer for the Atlantic Provinces Intercollegiate Council for the Sciences. Dr. Nance has also served as a peer review panelist for the Department of Energy and a research advisor for Argonne National Laboratories, and serves as Editor of GSA Today and is an Associate Editor of Gondwana Research and Geoscience Frontiers.
Brendan Murphy
Brendan MurphySt. Francis Xavier University

Brendan Murphy is Professor of Earth Sciences at St. Francis Xavier University. Brendan is an engaged teacher who has supervised more than 50 undergraduate theses, and still manages to maintain an active research program that has allowed him to publish over 165 papers and secure $2 million in grants. He has been honored for his service to the discipline with the Geologic Society of America’s Distinguished Service Award and with the Geologic Association of Canada’s J. Willis Ambrose medal. Few geoscientists can match Dr. Murphy’s record of excellence in professional endeavor, dedication to education, and record of service to the profession.