“As soon as I read Chapter 1, I was impressed with this text and I want to read more. I am eager to get the finished product in the hands of my students because I think they can learn so much from the writing style, examples and overall format.”

Kevin Trowbridge
Belmont University

“The book has good exercises for the students. The graphics are well done and relevant. The Case Activities and the Exercises are on target with what students need to learn. I also love the emphasis on AP Style and the basic news writing.”

Sally Holtz
University of Texas, San Antonio

“Engaging, contemporary, focusing on digital media and ethics, doesn’t feel like a textbook.”

Lucinda Austin
Elon University

“Great overview of the concepts and issues inherent to the discipline. Well written, moves fast and interesting side bar components.”

Katherine Fleck
Ohio Northern University

“Accessible info presented in a more narrative, story-letting way.”

Burton St. John III
Old Dominion University

“A clear and modern approach.”

Robin Street
University Of Mississippi

“Easy to understand, very personal way of writing. Great real-world examples. Thorough definitions of PR.”

Megan Toland
Arkansas Tech University

“I believe the chapters in this text offer a wealth of information for the current needs of the PR field. They are well organized and aesthetically pleasing to view.”

Rise Samra
Barry University

“Very centered on the basic structure of the discipline and pays particularly close attention to applied concepts of public relations, rather than conceptual theory.”

Christopher McCollough
Columbus State University

“Rather than starting with the history of PR and adding social media PR as something that happened later, Kelleher approaches social media as a part of PR and examines PR fundamentals through the lens of social media.”

Amy Zufelt
Cardinal Stritch University