Social media platforms are increasingly designed for mobile use and multimedia content. Multimedia and mobile communication are changing the very nature of interpersonal communication as well as communication between organizations and publics on social media. Here are a few takeaways from this chapter:

  • To create good multimedia, you must first understand how text, graphics, audio and video work together to enhance users’ experiences.
  • If you add a decent external microphone to your smartphone or camera, you can noticeably improve the quality of audio that you capture.
  • Publics may prefer nonprofessionally-produced video, if it means they get to hear from real people and the video is part of a larger strategy of two-way communication.
  • Mobile video services like Periscope and Meerkat enable you to open your organization to more publics via social media by live streaming events like press conferences and live public forums.
  • In developing strategy for mobile media, consider asking what people are doing with mobile media instead of what mobile media will do to people.