Ethics are integral to the first chapter and discussed in every chapter thereafter. Each of the six provisions for conduct in the PRSA Code of Ethics are covered.

“This is outstanding. One of our program learning outcomes is ethics and we struggle to fit that in. When it is part of the entire course and the book, as it is here, this makes things easier for me and for the students. In addition, we are a value-based institution, so values should be the foundation of all of our studies.”

Amy Zufelt, Cardinal Stritch University

“I think the feature will make the code more real for students. It will make it more than a list on paper.”

Brigitta Brunner, Auburn University

“This is truly a novel approach to the structure of the book. This is the selling point for me as an instructor. I need students to understand ethical decision-making and PR right from the start. Too often PR pros get a black eye for using situational ethics.”

Tamara Gillis, Elizabethtown College

“The author does a nice job foregrounding issues in ethics.”

Michael Tumolo, California State University, Stanislaus

“Discussion of ethics in chapter I reviewed is excellent.”

Maxey Parrish, Baylor University

“Grade A. This is a solid chapter since it addresses the PRSA Code of Ethics. In fact, I assign my students a paper addressing these basic tenets as it applies to their work ethic so this chapter will be helpful. This chapter also coincides with our university mission.”

Rise Samra, Barry University

“Really great discussion here. I enjoyed it.”

Erica Salkin, Whitworth University

“Love this! Like the focus on ethics right from the very start which is so important for students!”

Lucinda Austin, Elon University

“Ethics were covered well. Cases were on target with what is going on in today’s PR world. It didn’t dwell on Exxon with which many have no familiarity. Or Tylenol. Or Wendy’s chili. It used modern examples and possible scenarios.”

Sallyanne Holtz, University of Texas at San Antonio