Every chapter includes at least one extended case study embedded in the main text illustrating how real companies, organizations, and people have addressed public relations challenges.

Case Study Example

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“I absolutely love this concept.  I like how it is set up, the author walks you through it and then gives the reader the actual solution.  Great real world example!”
Megan Toland, Arkansas Tech University

“This is excellent.  Students often remember these events and they can now see the situation in terms of public relations.  It helps for students to know that what they are studying is actually happening in the real world, and especially in their world: on social media.”
Amy Zufelt, Cardinal Stritch University

“Grade: A. Case studies bring the concepts to life. Students today relate to real life situations and of course, we all learn from what not to do as well as what to do from them.”
Rise Samra, Barry University

“These are essential. I use such activities every week. It helps the students really consider each case and encourages them to examine their values, morals and ethical codes.”
Sallyanne Holtz, University of Texas at San Antonio

“The case study does an excellent job of bringing the ethical decision-making process to life with a relevant example. It illustrates the process of ethical decision-making and gives concise yet adequately comprehensive details to demonstrate the process.”
Kevin Trowbridge, Belmont University

Section 1: Foundations

Chapter 1: Principled Public Relations

Case Study: “Tweeting Under False Circumstances”

Chapter 2: Public Relations Models through the Ages

Case Study: The Reality of “The Situation”: Gaining Attention in the Marketplace of Ideas

Case Study: Edward Bernays’s “Torches of Freedom”

Chapter 3: Convergence and Integrated Communication

Case Study: Red Bull’s Content Marketing Strategy

Chapter 4: Relationship Management

Case Study: Coca-Cola and Corporate Social Responsibility

Section II: Strategy

Chapter 5: Research

Case Study: Applying the Situational Theory of Publics: Net Neutrality

Chapter 6: Planning

Case Study: Global Handwashing Day: Goals, Objectives and Outcomes

Chapter 7: Implementation

Case Study: Pulled Pork: Chipotle’s Challenge to Act on Its Principles.

Case Study: Doing Good by Doing Well: Kimberly-Clark’s Efforts to Promote Diversity

Chapter 8: Evaluation

Case Study: The Barcelona Principles: Somebody Had to Do It

Section III: Tactics

Chapter 9: Writing

Case Study: Telling the NCAA’s Story—One Athlete at a Time

Case Study: Godzilla earns citizenship; Shinjuku earns publicity

Chapter 10: Multimedia and Mobile

Case Study: The NBA Gets in the Snapchat Game Early

Case Study: Snack attack: An iconic American brand faces fallout for going digital

Section IV: Contexts

Chapter 11: Legal

Case Study: Amazon v. NYT: A case in the court of public opinion

Chapter 12: Issues, Conflict and Crises

Case Study: Is the Customer Always Right?…A Big Win for Little Italy

Case Study: The Issue Lifecycle of Volkswagen’s Dieselgate

Case Study: Bolstering to #staystrong in the Fight Against Cancer

Chapter 13: Global

Case Study: One Laptop Per Child

Case Study: Intercultural Communication and Potty Talk

Chapter 14: Careers

Case Study: CEO vs. New Hire. Who wins?