Profile: Spectroscopy & Spectrometry

/Profile: Spectroscopy & Spectrometry
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The HACH DR3900 is an example of a single-analysis spectrometer. It is also a single-beam, fixed-wavelength spectrophotometer. It is primarily used for water quality analysis. The spectrometer comes preprogrammed for specific field kits sold by HACH. The user simply follows the instructions on the field kit, inputs the name of the analysis being conducted, places […]

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Lost Painting by Vincent van Gogh

In 2008, researchers at the HASYLAB subjected van Gogh’s painting Patch of Grass to XRF spectroscopic analysis in the hopes of imaging a painting believed to be hidden under Patch of Grass. The XRF utilized microfluorescence beamline L radiation; a second-generation synchrotron light source. The scan was conducted over 2 days with 0.5 mm2 pixel […]

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James Clerk Maxwell

The first thing a sommelier does is swirl his or her wine in a glass to evaluate the viscosity of the wine. The second thing the sommelier does is examine the color of the wine. From an analytical perspective, the assessment of a sample based upon its color is one of the oldest analytical […]

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