Thank You to our Reviewers for Instrumental Analysis.

Over the course of development, we extensively reviewed Instrumental Analysis at over 50 colleges and universities with approximately 60 instructors. We thank you sincerely for your involvement, comments and enthusiasm. We read through every review and incorporated your feedback wherever we could to shape the final version of the first edition.

Tarab Ahmad
Dominican University

E. Silvana Andreescu
Clarkson University

Craig Aspinwall
University of Arizona

Dean Atkinson
Portland State University

Ryan Bailey
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rebecca Barlag
Ohio University

Steven Brown
University of Delaware

Clifton Calloway
Winthrop University

Andres Campiglia
University of Central Florida

Yunwei Charles Cao
University of Florida

Tami Lasseter Clare
Portland State University

David Dobberpuhl
Creighton University

Jeremiah Duncan
Plymouth State University

Joe Emily
South Carolina State University

Richard Foust
James Madison University

Mahdi Garelnabi
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Joel Goldberg
University of Vermont

Teresa Golden
University of North Texas

C. Michael Greenlief
University of Missouri-Columbia

Erin Gross
Creighton University

Justin Harris
The Ohio State University

Joseph Hornak
Rochester Institute of Technology

Jinmo Huang
The College of New Jersey

Takashi Ito
Kansas State University

Jiri Janata
Georgia Institute of Technology

Frank Keutsch
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chul Kim
California State University East Bay

Jun Li
Kansas State University

Xiujun Li
University of Texas at El Paso

Bryce Marquis
University of Central Arkansas

Nelly Mateeva
Florida A&M University

Peter Palmer
San Francisco State University

Dimitri Pappas
Texas Tech University

David Patrick
Western Washington University

Daniel Pharr
Virginia Military Institute

Robert Richter
Chicago State University

David Ryan
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Omowunmi Sadik
SUNY Binghamton

Jonathan Scaffidi
Miami University

Shahab A. Shamsi
Georgia State University

Jianguo Shao
Midwestern State University

Greg M. Swain
Michigan State University

Dan Sykes
Penn State

Steven Symes
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Brian Tissue
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Gufeng Wang
North Carolina State University

Grant Wangila
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Robert White
University of Oklahoma

Kathryn Williams
University of Florida

Troy Wood
University at Buffalo

Yi Xiao
Florida International University

Zhibo Yang
University of Oklahoma

Wei Zhan
Auburn University