“This textbook takes a race-critical approach and is one we could actually use in the classroom. It is the textbook we’ve been waiting for.

Joyce Bell, University of Pittsburgh

“This is by far one of the best and most unique textbooks in the area of U.S. race and ethnic relations on the market today. The writing style is extremely accessible, clear cut, precise and to the point.”

David G. Embrick, Loyola University-Chicago

“A consistent strength in this book is its sophisticated treatment of current empirical research and theory… The complex discussion of race consistently shows the linkages between race, gender and class. All of this makes this text better than any other.

Matthew Schneirov, Duquesne University

“…the book sees race as an illusion to which we attach various social meanings. It addresses issue of race and racial inequality from a historical perspective, which allows us to understand the enduring racial divide.”

Lori Latrice Martin, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“Easy to read, accessible; this book will be refreshing and well received by students and instructors alike. I look forward to the release of this text!”

JeffriAnne Wilder, University of North Florida

“I think all the pedagogical features are great, current and relevant and can be used to help students relate to the topic at hand.”

Kendra Jason, University of North Carolina at Charlotte