How much sleep do you need?

Many people are surprised to learn that I almost never use an alarm clock. I don't use them because I cherish the feeling of being fully awake before I get out of bed. When I wake up and am ready to get out of bed, I can be sure that more
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How to Develop a Daily Meditation Practice

If you want to become more creative, focused, and productive, meditation can be a great tool. Meditation will help you with focus, which will make you a more efficient writer. It will also help you to quiet your mind, which can help you access your creative potential.There are many benefits more
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How to Develop a Daily Writing Habit

You have seen research that confirms that writing every day is the best way to become a productive academic. And, you want to be a productive academic, right? But, are you writing every day? Do you want to learn how to write every day? If so, this post is for more
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Seven Strategies That Will Make You More Creative, Focused, and Productive

Would you like to become more creative, more focused, more relaxed, and more productive? Did you know research shows there are specific habits you can develop that will enhance your ability to be all of these things?There are many myths prevalent in academia that make it difficult for many of more
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Ten Ways to Support New Faculty

(Reposted from Vitae.)As we near summer's end, many colleges and universities are looking for ways to support new faculty members arriving on campus. Administrators and senior professors often realize that the old system of de facto mentoring — with older faculty casually showing their new colleagues the ropes — has more
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Off the Beaten Path: Traveling in El Salvador

Unlike Costa Rica and Guatemala, where you will encounter plenty of U.S. and European tourists at every turn, in El Salvador, you can go for long stretches without seeing any gringos at all.Tourists are less likely to come to El Salvador for two main reasons: 1) the country has done more
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