Race and Racisms is divided into four sections, each providing a specific purpose, and each using an intersectional and global framework to guide our understanding of racial dynamics:

  • PART ONE: History of the Idea of Race draws from history, anthropology, and sociology to explain how racial ideologies were created and how they have evolved over time. This section provides a provocative analysis of history that is rarely encountered in sociology texts
  • PART TWO: Racial Ideologies invites in-depth discussion by examining prevailing racial attitudes in the context of recent U.S. history; the media; colorism; and white privilege.
  • PART THREE: Policy and Institutions focuses on theories of racial inequality, educational and labor market inequality, housing and wealth, the criminal justice system, health and the environment, and immigration policy. This section highlights the empirical evidence for racial inequality.
  • PART FOUR: Contesting and Comparing Racial Injustices considers racial justice, human rights, and racial dynamics around the world, helping us to look outward, by looking forward and around the world.


This text includes unique features that facilitate teaching and learning about race and racism.

Additionally, each chapter ends with a Chapter Summary, list of Key Terms, set of Review Questions and Critical Thinking Questions as well as Suggestions for Further Reading.