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Racial Justice in the United States Today

In Race and Racisms, we have focused on the history of the idea of race, the changing nature of racism, and various ideologies and institutions that perpetuate racism. Where do we [...]

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Racism, Nativism, and Immigration Policy

Chapter Thirteen: Racism, Nativism, and Immigration Policy considers the history of immigration policy in the United States and the extent to which racist and nativist sentiments have played a role in [...]

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Racism and the Criminal Justice System

Writing at the turn of the twentieth century, W. E. B. DuBois likened the prison system to “slavery in private hands” (1904: 2). He explained that, with the end of slavery, [...]

Skin-tone Stratification and Colorism

We have already seen that racism is an ideology. In this chapter, we will learn about a related yet distinct ideology – colorism. Whereas racism relies on the belief that some [...]

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    Portrayals of People of Color on Television and in Other Media

Portrayals of People of Color on Television and in Other Media

… Given that Americans spend so much time in front of the small screen, it is no wonder television has a great influence on how we see the world. Think, for [...]

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The Origin of the Idea of Race

In the 1600s, European colonists, enslaved Africans, and Native Americans found themselves together in the New World. However, no one would have described the population in those terms at the [...]

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