Make History meaningful and memorable for students by teaching them the skills to “Do History”

Oxford University Press is proud to develop and support innovative learning experiences for today’s students. Launching in January 2020, “Uncovering World History” is the first of three “Uncovering History” learning units to offer students and instructors a rich and rewarding learning experience in their World History course. Future units will cover topics in US History and Western Civilization.

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How to teach history better

These days, we often hear of a crisis in the discipline of history.  It’s not a crisis of research…

“Uncovering World History” Module Webinar Recording

Webinar recording of “Uncovering World History Module: Olaudah Equiano/Gustavas Vassa: African or African American?”

Take a look at our “Uncovering World History” proof-of-concept video:

“The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano”

“Most of us were generally taught to build our courses the way most textbooks work—along a straightforward linear narrative—but it can be challenging to sustain this approach across the course. Today’s students need to learn how to ‘do’ history. ‘Uncovering History’ offers students and instructors holistic lessons designed to teach the fundamentals of historical thinking and communicating.”

Trevor Getz

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“This is the most thoughtful effort by any publisher to help instructors to get students to think about the craft of history itself.” 

Robert Genter, Nasssau Community College


“‘Uncovering History’ helps undergraduates learn history in a hands-on and interactive manner and gain a deep understanding of how historical knowledge is constructed, contested, and debated. It showcases OUP’s groundbreaking graphic histories and connects these into a broad historical survey.”

Nicole Foote, Arizona State University


“A novel approach to teaching historical thinking and learning to students in a way that is more inclusive and engaging.”

Nicholas Lee Rummell, Trident Technical College