This text not only emphasizes integration of the knowledge, but it maintains a ‘systems overview’ that provides additional context to the chapter information.
William Bradley Barbazuk, University of Florida
Clearly written and very interesting. It felt almost like I was reading a story, rather than learning genetics.
Michael Goodisman, Georgia Tech
The evolutionary focus is great.
Barbara Hoopes, Colgate University
There is no genetics text that spells things out so clearly.
Eric Liebl, Denison University
I like the writing style. It is very unique and much needed in a genetics text. I like that it incorporates modern techniques and explanations.
Lewis Obermiller, Arizona State University
An excellent book that does a great job tying together concepts and ideas.
Clarissa Shearer, Bellevue University
Very through, current, great figures and very good questions.
Aaron Schrey, Armstrong Atlantic State University
Good, up-to-date coverage of basic genetics with an emphasis on genomics and changing insights into evolutionary processes.
James Thompson, University of Oklahoma
I liked the integration of evolution [and] genomics – both at the level of concepts and at the level of data analysis – with the traditional material presented.
Michelle Gaudette, Tufts University
A comprehensive analysis of historical genetics with an update of the most current thinking in genetics.
J. L. Henriksen, Bellevue University