Video Tutorials

Produced by the authors, and available free online, a series of videos act as one-on-one tutorials, providing deeper explanations of topics featured in the text.

Video Tutorials TOC

Chapter 1: Evolution, Genomes and Genetics

Video Tutorial: Genomic analysis of Darwin’s finches

Chapter 2: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Video Tutorial: Reading frames Part I: What is a reading frame?

Video Tutorial: Reading frames Part II: Why reading frames matter

Chapter 3: Genome Organization, Structure, and Variation

Video Tutorial: Hox genes – an important gene family

Chapter 4: Descent with Modification: DNA Replication and Mutation

Video Tutorial: Creating phylogenetic trees

Chapter 5: Basic Principles of Single Gene Inheritance

Video Tutorial: Analyzing a pedigree

Chapter 6: The Cellular Basis for Mendelian Genetics: Mitosis and Meiosis

Video Tutorial: Visualizing pairing and synapsis

Chapter 7: X-linked Genes and Sex Chromosomes

Video Tutorial: Solving a problem involving X-linked genes

Chapter 8: The Inheritance of Multiple Genes

Video Tutorial: Gene interactions – the shape of combs in chickens

Chapter 9: The Location of Genes on Chromosomes: Linkage and Genetic Maps

Video Tutorial: Determining the map distance between genes

Chapter 10: Human Genetic Mapping, GWA Studies and Complex Traits

Video Tutorial: Understanding genome-wide association studies: the Manhattan plot

Chapter 11: Exchange and Evolution

Video Tutorial: Analyzing a bacterial plasmid – evidence for HGT

Chapter 12: Transcription: Reading and Expressing Genes

Video Tutorial: Consensus DNA binding sequences

Chapter 13: Translation: From Nucleic Acids to Amino Acids

Video Tutorial: Translational regulation  – anterior-posterior axis specification in Drosophila

Chapter 14: Networks of Gene Regulation

Video Tutorial: Eukaryotic gene regulatory networks explained

Chapter 15: Genetic Analysis of Cellular Processes

Video Tutorial: Mutant screens – the Drosophila segmentation study

Chapter 16: The Genetics of Populations

Video Tutorial: Applying the Hardy-Weinberg equations to understand the frequency of a haplotype

Chapter 17: Metagenomics: Genomes of Communities

Video Tutorial: Using experimentally determined 16S rRNA gene sequences to identify species – BLAST