It is impossible to distil all we know about genetics into a single textbook. But your studies may have left you wanting to know that little bit more. The Going Deeper panels are designed to give you a taste of genetics beyond an introductory course by exploring some more challenging – but intellectually stimulating – topics.

Prologue: Five Great Ideas

Chapter 1: Evolution, Genomes and Genetics

Chapter 2: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology

Chapter 3: Genome Organization, Structure, and Variation

Going Deeper: How Are Sequences Added to Genomes?

Going Deeper: The Origins Of Novel Genes

Going Deeper: Hox Gene

Chapter 4: Descent with Modification: DNA Replication and Mutation

Chapter 5:  Basic Principles of Single Gene Inheritance

Going Deeper: Recessive and Dominant Alleles

Chapter 6: The Cellular Basis for Mendelian Genetics: Mitosis and Meiosis

Going Deeper: Sister Chromatid Cohesion and the Cohesin Complex

Going Deeper: Molecular Mechanisms of Recombination

Going Deeper: Meiosis in Polyploids

Chapter 7: X-linked Genes and Sex Chromosomes

Going Deeper: Sex-Limited and Sex-Influenced Traits

Going Deeper: The Evolution of Sex Chromosomes

Going Deeper: DMRT and Evolutionary Tinkering with Sex Determination

Chapter 8: The Inheritance of Multiple Genes

Going Deeper: Pleiotropy and the Genome

Chapter 9: The Location of Genes on Chromosomes: Linkage and Genetic Maps

Going Deeper: Distorted Maps:  Chromosomal Rearrangements in Salmonella Bacteria

Going Deeper: Sex Differences in Recombination Rate

Chapter 10: Human Genetic Mapping, GWA Studies and Complex Traits

Going Deeper: Linkage Disequilibrium

Chapter 11: Exchange and Evolution

Going Deeper: Integrative Conjugative Elements

Chapter 12: Transcription: Reading and Expressing Genes

Chapter 13: Translation: From Nucleic Acids to Amino Acids

Going Deeper: Nonsense Suppressors

Going Deeper: Nanos

Chapter 14: Networks of Gene Regulation

Going Deeper: Attenuation and the Trp Operon

Going Deeper: Genetic Polarity in Bacteria

Chapter 15: Genetic Analysis of Cellular Processes

Chapter 16: The Genetics of Populations

Going Deeper: Speciation

Going Deeper: Selection and Adaptation

Going Deeper: Types of Selection

Chapter 17: Metagenomics: Genomes of Communities

Going Deeper: How should we define bacterial species?