“The three key questions asked in the text (What is it ? Who reads it ? What its for?) have helped me understand what I am writing about.”

Kevin, Laguardia Community College

“I could relate my work to the student examples that were provided.”

Kaitlyn, Oregon Institute of Technology

“The book is rich with useful tactics to employ in the course.”

Sian, Laguardia Community College

“The clarity of the text was what I found most enjoyable. Everything was presented with great detail so that the overall idea was clear and easily understood.”

Shaedyn, Oregon Institute of Technology

“The assignments were easy to understand and entertaining to do.”

Antonesha, Laguardia Community College

“The Jack/Pryal chapters were easy to understand and I was able to grasp the concepts fairly quickly. The examples in each chapter helped me better understand the topic.”

Alisha, Oregon Institute of Technology

“The explanations were well written and easy to understand.”

Alexandra, Laguardia Community College

“I enjoy the way the book speaks to me like a professor would.”

Lynica, Laguardia Community College

“The Jack/Pryal chapters were informative and helpful in regards to assignments.”

Chantel, Laguardia Community College