The Purpose of Student and Professional Examples in How Writing Works:

Student and Professional Examples in How Writing Works make the connections between college writing and workplace or community writing clear by including examples in every project chapter drawn from students and from professional writers, placing the examples side-by-side for comparison.

“[It is] super important to include these—students want to know how these skills will transfer into the workplace. As a professor, it’s helpful to have options to use as examples.”

Kim Lacey, Saginaw Valley State University

“So great to see this done well…absolutely necessary!!!”

Mathew Bartkowiak, University of Wisconsin-Marshfield/Wood County

“Interesting and diverse choices.”

Diana Badur, Black Hawk College

“[It is a] great idea to draw sample texts from both of these sources, and placing them in close proximity to each other was also an effective decision… [it] really emphasizes how the texts, though written by people of different levels of skill and experience, share the same genre conventions. It also emphasizes the practical nature of the kinds of skills and techniques students are being taught in their class—they can see firsthand how [those skills] play a role in professions.”

Jeff Pruchnic, Wayne State University

“[The presence of Student and Professional Examples] is meaningfully inclusive, and this is [the book’s] major strength.”

Osayimwense Osa, Virginia State University

“This is imperative in my classes and this feature is quite useful.”

Charles Hamilton, Northeast Texas Community College

“[Including Student and Professional Examples is] a good way to sell the idea that the lessons aren’t isolated to the classroom.”

Steven Werkmeister, Johnson County Community College

“The particular strength here are the “professional” examples—I do not find these in most other textbooks.”

Phillip (Gregory) Gibson, Henderson State University

“I think the examples are great, neither too formal [or] informal…I like that your topics are of current interest; maybe that will help to engage student interest.”

William Donovan, Idaho State University

“The examples are very good and the juxtaposition of the professional and student writing … allows students to see that writing well is something that is possible for beginning writers.”

Marilyn Yamin, Pellissippi State Community College