Report Mini-Genre: Social Networking Status Update

Take a look at the following three profile pages from Facebook, the social networking site.

Social Network Status Update

figure 10.1

Work Network Status Update

figure 10.1

Academic Network Status Update

figure 10.1

Use the Toolkit

Let’s use the three genre toolkit questions from Chapter 1 to examine this genre.

What is it?

These three profiles are short, digital snapshots or outlines of an individual, company, or group. Each profile includes photographs and text, including background information, a description, and/or links to further information.

Who reads it?

Public Facebook profiles can be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet. In particular, users of Facebook tend to read this type of profile. Facebook readers want to learn more about the person or group whose profile they are reading.

What’s it for?

Social network profiles, including profiles for Facebook, are meant to share information about a person or group. These profiles are for a band (The Most Loyal), a company (Nintendo), and a nonprofit organization (Habitat for Humanity). The Most Loyal’s profile helps fans stay connected to them and their music; Nintendo’s profile helps fans of their products stay up-to-date with the company and its offerings; Habitat for Humanity’s profile shares information about the organization and even has a link for “Get Involved” to encourage participation by newcomers. A social network profile is thus a widely-viewed, brief profile webpage that the individual or corporate author can use to present a “public face” to readers who want to learn more.