In college, students write assignments in a variety of ways—as individuals and in teams, in traditional print format, and in many multimedia formats. By writing in these different settings, students learn how to problem-solve at different levels—how to manage a large project in a group, how to tackle a writing project independently or collaboratively, and how to address rhetorical challenges of visual, aural, and oral communication. Therefore, in the project chapters, we have provided projects to suit all of these writing situations. We designed some projects for the individual writer, some for groups, some for traditional writing formats, and some for multimedia formats. This variety of assignments will suit a variety of learning styles and a variety of teaching styles.

“Love this idea!”

Jenny Beaver, Rowan-Cabarrus Community College

“I’m thrilled that you are addressing non-print communication and not making rigid distinctions between print vs. non-print.”

Jessie Allen, North Platte Community College

“It’s a 21st-century necessity.”

Steven Werkmeister, Johnson County Community College

“I like the multimedia projects! … I [will] have fun incorporating these exercises into my curriculum.”

William Donovan, Idaho State University

“Focus on multimedia assignments is particularly lacking in many texts. [These projects are] a useful contribution.”

Ashley Kelly, North Carolina State University

“This is definitely [a] strength of the book–actively and mindfully incorporating so many different types of assignments into one source. The idea of doing so introduces students effectively to what they can expect across the disciplines.”

Maria Soriano, John Carroll University

“The inclusion of a mixture of individual and collaborative writing projects provides students with a broad range of stimulating learning experiences while also giving instructors the flexibility needed in planning a diverse and engaging syllabus.”

Robert Imbur, University of Toledo