“It’s a promising new textbook that views genre in a new way.

Shauna Gobble, Northampton Community College

“This is not your run-of-the-mill writing text. The readings are timely, the activities are interesting, and the approach is novel and practical.”

Sue Yamin, Pellissippi State Community College

How Writing Works introduces students to a variety of everyday genres and demonstrates these with practical examples.”

Kim Lacey, Saginaw Valley State University

“… the ‘Genre Toolkit’… act[s] as an entry point into assignments and the writing process as a means of discovery and inquiry into how to achieve success in the project.”

Maria Soriano, John Carroll University

“Its range of examples is exceptional, and its exercises offer hands-on opportunities to learn about and produce genres that would adapt easily to the classroom.”

Paul Wise, University Of Toledo

“This is a clearly organized, highly usable application of a genre-focused philosophy.”

Robert Imbur, University Of Toledo

“This is a new way to look at writing that I think helps remove the challenge to answering the ubiquitous student question, ‘Why is writing important? I’m not an English major.’”

Phillip Gregory Gibson, Henderson State University

“… gives students the tools to think through writing and other rhetorical situations …”

Steve Werkmeister, Johnson County Community College

“…clear and easy to read…visual organization is nicely done…coding of each section is helpful and easy to follow….variety of examples included.”

Ellen Sorg, Owens Community College

“This book teaches students how writing works by taking a problem-solving approach to writing.”

Glenda Lowery, Rappahannock Community College