Social Network Profile

Report Mini-Genre: Social Networking Status Update

Take a look at the following three profile pages from Facebook, the social networking site.

Social Network Status Update

Work [...]

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Online Product Review

Review Mini-Genre: Online Product Review

An online product review is a short evaluation of a product, posted by a consumer or user, on either [...]

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Elevator Pitch

Proposal Mini-Genre: Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short speech (usually 30 seconds to two minutes long) that you prepare in order to [...]

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Academic Research Mini-Genre: Abstract

An abstract is a short document, usually a single paragraph, that accompanies a research article or student research paper. The [...]

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Company Slogan

Workplace Mini-Genre: Company Slogan

Slogan for a University

Slogan for a Radio Station

Slogan for a Government Agency

Use the Toolkit

Let’s use the three genre [...]

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Student Class Notes

Inquiry Mini-Genre: Student Class Notes
Class notes are a type of inquiry students use to investigate the material that they are learning in [...]

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Print Advertisement

Argumentative Mini-Genre: Print Advertisement
Perhaps the most common argumentative genre that you encounter in everyday life is an advertisement. Take a look at [...]

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How-to Tip

Informative Mini-Genre: How-to Tip

Take a look at the following three how-to tips:

Technology How-To Tip

Household How-To Tip

Work How-To Tip

Use the Toolkit

Let’s use the three [...]

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Keyword Analysis

Analysis Mini-Genre: Keyword Analysis

Take a look at the following images.

Keyword Analysis of a Speech

Keyword Analysis of a Court Opinion

Keyword Analysis of a Government [...]

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Social Networking Status Update

Report Mini-Genre: Social Networking Status Update

Websites such as Twitter and Facebook give users the opportunity to write brief status reports about themselves through [...]

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